Friends of the Lazarus Home for Girls
Making a home for homeless girls in Palestine

Why do we need this Home for Girls?

Many girls in Palestine experience nothing in their lives but fear, pain, hunger and loneliness.

The decades of violence and upheaval have taken away safety and security, especially from girls.

Families have been torn apart, plunged into poverty, or destroyed. The children who survive are often forced to live by begging, sleep in the streets, or live in circumstances no child should face.

About Bethany (Al-Azariah)

Bethany, about 7 km east of Jerusalem, has a population of about 36,000. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, it is the second largest Palestinian city in the Jerusalem Governorate (not including disputed East Jerusalem), with a population of 17,606 inhabitants.

The city is located on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives, less than 2 miles (3 km) from the Old City of Jerusalem (14km by car, because of the Israeli separation wall).

The local population suffers from high unemployment with a breakdown of local services. Employment and access to specialist medical care and education is restricted. Only one ambulance covers the whole area of Bethany. Medical needs are met by private health schemes, available only to the more affluent in permanent employment or those who have official documentation for movement.

Poverty has continued to grow over the last 15 years. The percentage of children living below the poverty line in Palestine is 32%.

The Health Survey conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, reveals that 48,159 children belong to families where one of the parents or both is dead.